Cocktails (Alcohol Free) – Pornstar Martini (70cl)


Virgin Cocktails (Alcohol Free) – Pornstar Martini (70cl) from Cocktail Delivery

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NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS  We believe that Virgin Cocktails should be as flavourful and as prestigious as their alcohol counterparts. They require shaking with ice and straining into a Martini glass, just like any other cocktail.  When shaken cold, you’ll get the head/froth on the top of the beverage like you get in a bar & the taste is perfectly balanced. Our mixtures aren’t thin and weak – they are packed full of flavour, just like the real thing. Our Virgin cocktails are Vegan Friendly too – so don’t worry about any impurities or weird chemical processes. All cocktails are sent in a 70cl bottle with enough juice and mixers to accompany them if relevant. We’ll also send complimentary air-dried fruit to garnish to cocktails. No-one will know that its a Virgin cocktail! Some people can’t tell the difference by tasting it! HOW MANY COCKTAILS DO I GET OUT OF A BOTTLE? All Virgin Cocktails arrive as 70cl bottles Pornstar Martini (with pineapple juice) 10 cocktails Espresso Martini 7 cocktails HOW DO I PREPARE A VIRGIN COCKTAIL? You follow exactly the same instructions as the alcohol versions – shake with ice and pour! We’ll continually add to this product with more flavours and versions as time goes on.Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions


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