Patron Tequila Margarita *Limited Edition set


Patron Tequila Margarita *Limited Edition set from Cocktail Delivery

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Free Limited Edition Mug with each Bottle We have only made a small batch of this fine balanced Tequila Margarita as each and every bottle is sent with an iconic Weber Blue Agave piña shaped mug! + Prize Draw Entry!Anyone that purchases our Limited edition, Margarita, could win a bottle of Patrón Silver Tequila! What’s in the Cocktail? Patrón Silver Tequila, refreshingly mixed with Agave, Triple Sec & Lime. Our 70cl Bottle will create 10 cocktails if you follow our guidelines! A measure is 25ml (a normal ‘shot’ in the UK).  ABV 22% What’s in the box, when it is delivered? 70cl bottle of our ‘Patrón Tequila Margarita *Limited Edition’ + 1x iconic Weber Blue Agave piña shaped mug & a fresh lime. Is this a gift? Why not add a personalised tag? You can add a message to make your gift more special. How to Pour Add a triple measure over ice & squeeze fresh lime; shake for 45 seconds – strain into a glass of your choice. We recommend serving over crushed ice. Licensing Notice You must be over 18 to buy and consume this product


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