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Grand Millesime 2012 is a blend of 67% Chardonnay and 33% Pinot Noir. The wine has been vinified and aged on lees with malolactic fermentation avoided, as per Gossets house style. This preserves the fruit aromas of the wine while allowing the wines to undergo longer ageing (5 years on lees). Dosage is 8 g/l to maintain balance without masking the wines personality.

Difficult conditions to begin with; some very low temperatures in winter and an early budding, with all sort of climatic issues and lot of rain during Spring. There was a sudden change in mid-July with dry and warm conditions until end August and cooler weather for harvest.

A difficult vintage for the nerves but beautiful in the end: bright, lively, dynamic. The Chardonnay shows exceptional character with great structure and depth while the Pinot Noir is more shy but complements the Chardonnay nicely with layers and flesh.


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