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Gunpower And Rose.

Hoxton Pink Gin is a premium gin created using natural and ethically sourced ingredients including juniper, gun powder tea, rosehip, bergamot, grapefruit, orris, liquorice, chamomile, elderflower and hibiscus sugar.

Nose: Leads with a good, full juniper aroma with a distinctive floral character.

Palate: Juniper is less the focus in the mouth with other flavours coming into play, in particular, a touch of citrus and bitterness from the hibiscus sugar. The finish is clean and lingering, with sweet floral notes, predominantly rose hip lingers beautifully.

Inspired by Hoxton, East London, Hoxton Gin’s bold and unwavering attitude reflects that of the creative centre of London. A neighbourhood which boasts a mixture of artists, writers and rock stars mixing seamlessly with supermodels, fashion designers and entrepreneurs cross-pollinating ideas and changing the way everyone else does things; Hoxton Gin echoes this anything can happen attitude and redefines the traditional perception of gin. A gin that is smooth, easy and different from the rest, Hoxton gin is produced at one of the world’s leading micro distillers and is made using the finest ethically sourced ingredients.

Hoxton Pink Gin has been lovingly crafted by London based drinks maverick Gerry Calabrese.


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