Youngs 1.5kg Coopers Malt Extract Dark


Youngs 1.5kg Coopers Malt Extract Dark from Philip Morris & Son

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The 1.5kg Coopers Dark Malt Extract from Youngs does what it says on the tin, it produces a malt extract with a dark colour, this process consists of mashing finely ground malted barley with water at a temperature not exceeding 75C. This liquid is reduced through evaporation under a slight vacuum and is also filtered until it is the consistency of thick dark liquid.Coopers Malt Extract Dark FeaturesYoungs Coopers Malt Extract Dark 1.5kg/2877Produces a dark coloured malt extractFiltersEvaporates under a vacuumYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 2877Colour: DarkSizes: 1.5kgPM Ref: 879498

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