Youngs 100g Citric Acid


Youngs 100g Citric Acid from Philip Morris & Son

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The 100g Citric Acid from Youngs can be used as an alternative to natural citrus. Using this will give you a natural, fruity citrus flavour. The Youngs Citric Acid also aids healthy fermentation. Around one rounded teaspoon of the Youngs Citric Acid is the equivalent to the juice of one lemon. If you like that citrus snap then this is the ideal way to get it. Excellent in fruit wines, white wines and champagnes, cheers to that!Citric Acid FeaturesYoungs Citric Acid 100grm/4040Alternative to CitrusAids healthy fermentationIdeal in fruit wine, white wine and champagneYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 4040Colour: N/ASizes: 100gPM Ref: 414194

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