Youngs 50g Precipitated Chalk


Youngs 50g Precipitated Chalk from Philip Morris & Son

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The 50g Precipitated Chalk from Youngs can be used to reduce the acidity in homebrew wines. If you’re making wine at home and it becomes too acidic whilst fermenting then you can add some precipitated chalk to raise the pH level. When used, it will cause the homebrew liquid to foam as there is a gas given off by the chalk as it neutralises some of the acid in the wine, leaving your wine tasting non-acidic!Precipitated Chalk FeaturesYoungs Precipitated Chalk 50grm/ 4064Reduces acidity in homebrew wineRaise pH level in fermentingCauses homebrew to foam to neutrilise some of the acidYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 4064Colour: N/ASizes: 50gPM Ref: 435556

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