Youngs 5g Re-Start Wine Yeast Sachet


Youngs 5g Re-Start Wine Yeast Sachet from Philip Morris & Son

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The 5g Re-start Wine Yeast Sachet from Youngs will make 5 gallons which is 23 litres of wine, this is exceptional value. This yeast is ideal for re-style wine, it confers exceptional depth and complexity. It is important to use yeast as it determines the final outcomes of the brewing, say hello to smooth and great tasting re-style wine!Re-Start Wine Yeast Sachet FeaturesYoungs Re-Start Wine Yeast Sachet 5g/4327Makes 5 gallons (23L) of re-start wineConfers depth and complexity Youngs’ Ref.MPN: 4327Colour: N/ASizes: 5gPM Ref: 517332

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