Young’s American Mocha Porter 3.0kg – A.M.P.


Young’s American Mocha Porter 3.0kg – A.M.P. from Philip Morris & Son

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The American Mocha Porter Beer Kit from Youngs looks the part, pouring dark chocolate with a big white fluffy head. With bags of coffee and Chocolate essence reinforcing and magnifying the natural rich and roasty character of the malts, this beer flaunts a wonderfully intense aroma of coffee and chocolate which explodes from the glass. A beer that is sure to delight dark beer lovers, coffee addicts and chocoholics.American Mocha Porter 3kg FeaturesYoungs American Mocha Porter KitPours a dark chocolate with a big off white fluffy headCoffee and chocolate characterThe flavour is amazingly complexMalt Extract (gluten), Natural Flavouring, Natural Coco Flavouring, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing YeastMakes 30 pintsReady in only 21-28 daysThe best of two classic styles the Coffee Porter and Chocolate StoutApprox 5.8% AbvYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 1286Colour: N/ASizes: OnePM Ref: 2102563

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