Youngs CLEAR IT Wine & Beer Finings


Youngs CLEAR IT Wine & Beer Finings from Philip Morris & Son

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The Clear It Wine & Beer Finings from Youngs is used to clear beer & wine, so you can produce your pub favourites! Homebrewers are always looking to achieve a high degree of clarity in their beer and wine. In the past, beer and wine are judged by flavour alone, however, with the lighter beers & white wine now becoming more popular, clarity is also an important consideration so be sure to pick this up for any beer or wine connoisseur! CLEAR IT Wine & Beer Fining FeaturesYoungs CLEAR IT Wine & Beer Finings 135/270 ltrs/4015CrystalClears Wine and BeerYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 4015Colour: N/ASizes: One SizePM Ref: 898603

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