Youngs Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pint Kit


Youngs Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pint Kit from Philip Morris & Son

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The 40 Pint Geordie Yorkshire Bitter from Youngs is an impressive beer kit that will make 40 pints and is ready in only 21-28 days! By following the instructions you can expect to have a strength of around 5.4% abv, if you like it a little stronger then simply add less water to the fermentation process. By adding 32 pints rather than 40 you will create a stronger, fuller beer of nearer the 6.5% abv mark. The kit includes malt Extract, brewing yeast and instructions, which will aid you to process a slightly sweet taste and a full head.Geordie Yorkshire Bitter FeaturesYoungs Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 40pt/ 1359Barley and Malt Extract (Barley, Malted Barley, Water) Hop Extract, Dried Yeast (in sachet)Makes 40 pintsReady in only 21-28 daysYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 1359Colour: N/ASizes: One SizePM Ref: 327745

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