Young’s Red India Ale 3.0kg – R.I.A.


Young’s Red India Ale 3.0kg – R.I.A. from Philip Morris & Son

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The Red India Ale Kit from Youngs pours a deep red-brown colour with a full white creamy head. The RIA is a highly flavourable beer whilst still maintaining its clean bitter taste, producing a light pine sap and tropical fruit aroma. The caramel malt gives the beer a burst of toffee, giving the beer an overall sweet but dry and bitter hop Red Ale. This 3.0kg beer kit makes 30 pints and is strongly brewed producing alcohol at around 6.3% abv, and is ready to drink between 21 and 28 days.Red India Ale 3.0kg – R.I.A. FeaturesYoung’s Red India Ale KitPours a nice reddish brown with a full white headMakes 30 pintsReady in 21-28 daysThe aroma is fantastic, a combination of pine sap and tropical fruitsMalt Extract (gluten), Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing YeastHops: Simcoe T90 Hop Pellets, Citra T90 Hop Pellet, Mosaic T90 Hop PelletsMedium-bodiedToffee and caramel maltinessYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 1285Colour: N/ASizes: 3.0kgPM Ref: 2102566

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