Youngs Rubber Bung 1 Gal Bored


Youngs Rubber Bung 1 Gal Bored from Philip Morris & Son

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The 1 Gal Bored Rubber Bung from Youngs has a hole or is otherwise known as a stopper used with Glass DemiJohns. Care should be taken never to stopper a DemiJohn that may have pressure built up inside the vessel. Always remove bung at arms length to prevent injury caused by the build up of pressure. With this rubber bung, you’ll be sure to keep your liquids fresh and Airfree.Rubber Bung FeaturesYoungs Rubber Bung 1 Gal Bored 5655Height 32mm / Diameter (top) 30mm / Diameter (base) 27mmSuitable for use with glass DemiJohnSolid rubber bungYoungs’ Ref.MPN: 5655Colour: RedSizes: Height 32mm / Diameter (top) 30mm / Diameter (base) 27mmPM Ref: 413172

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