Personalised Twinings Tea Box


Personalised Twinings Tea Box from Menkind


Who doesn’t love a soothing cup of tea? Chances are that you will know someone who always indulges in a brew when they hear it calling. If you do, then this gift could be ideal for them. Perfect for any tea lover, not only will you receive a way to store your tea bags. But you can also try out one of the 45 Twinings tea bags that are within the wooden box. Boasting 8 flavours, not only will you receive Everyday and Earl Grey tea, but also mint, green and fruit options too. Best of all, this box is personalised. Just tell us the name and we will add it to the top. Making the slogan read It is always time for tea for… A great birthday gift, or perhaps a leaving gift for someone to take with them to their new job. This personalised tea box is the perfect gift for a tea lover in your life! Buy it here. | Personalised Twinings Tea Box

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