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An earthy base of distinctive agave quality forms the palette whilst the medium-bodied but mild flavoured blended coffee rolls the senses into a warm peppery finish that completes this balanced liquid. Black Fire uses only 140g/litre of sugar making it
one of the driest liqueurs on the market.

In Ancient Mexico the Gods sent down a lightning bolt to strike the heart of the agave plant and tequila was born.

Black Fire combines three of earths most powerful natural highs, tequila, coffee and chilli. Infused, these make the ultimate hit. Enter the world of Black Fire where anything goes…and it usually does.

Drink the elixir, leave inhibitions behind you and let Black Fire charge your night.

The elements combined – within the Mexico soil, water bears the juice of the agave. Earthly prosperities unite and rise through the stems of the coffee plant permeating the beans with aroma. Above ground, seeds from the wind and the suns fire scorch the local chilli.


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