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It turns out that to capture the true taste of freshly roasted coffee in a liqueur, youve got
to master a complex balancing act of roasting, blending and brewing that takes no prisoners.
One wrong move, one shortcut, and the taste is compromised.

So, Conker took their sweet time and after a year of tweaking and sipping their way through
96 recipes, they discovered some subtle tricks and a blend that surpassed all expectations

A complex, dark and fruity brew that celebrates the espresso and owns the glass.

Working with Dorsets very own Beanpress Coffee Co., they selected the very best speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans that blow your usual ground coffee out the water. The Brazilian is roasted darker and longer to accentuate the cacao and caramel notes, bringing a robust coffee flavour that provides the backbone to the spirit.

The Ethiopian coffee is roasted faster and lighter to accentuate the sweetness and natural citrus
character, so adding a zesty highlight to the blend.


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