Domaine Eden Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


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Cellar for up to 9 years. Decanting time: A few hours, if possible. A bright, vibrant crimson in colour. This wine hold a very open nose with sweet red berries and floral aromas that expand seamlessly into rich, melded notes of plum, herb de provence, blackcurrant and tobacco notes on the palate. This is an astute, yet accessible wine with exceptionally fruity flavours that are well-integrated and into a harmonious, elegant delivery that is not overly tannic yet remains distinctly plush. This wine carries a unique Bordeaux-esque character to it, with its fruity flavours that are underscored by a wet-stone and shaved pencil led undertones. It is a very well-balanced wine, if a little eager, but this will soften with age..The finish is fresh, pure and balanced and despite its complexity, this wine is not overly heavy or dense. A very tasty offering that is sure to please most, if not all, palates. Its array of blended varietals, with only three quarters of the wine being Cabernet Sauvignon, are a clear reflection of the year’s cultivation from select Saratoga and Los Gatos vineyards, and this interwoven beauty is as a result of 22 months of aging in French and American oak barriques. This offering has an almost indescribable, exquisite benefit of being decidedly light-hearted while maintaining an astute intentionality that provides an inviting, sophisticated air to its enjoyment. Very rich and succulent with a generosity that is particularly remarkable considering its youth. Serve this medium-bodied offering with a hearty harvest meal, wild mushrooms or a bowl of chestnut soup. Exceptional value that will hold nicely for a number of years, while delivering great sophistication and generosity even now.


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