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Drink now, no decanting needed. Spice Route was born when founder Charles Beck converted the farm’s old tobacco drying shed into its first cellar and began making wine. The winery’s name is an ode to the dangerous path around the southern cape of Africa —the “Cape of Storms” — that 15th century traders would take as they transported exotic spices from the East to the West. This quaffable and over-delivering cuvee consists of 27% Grenache, 26% Syrah, 22% Mataro, 11% Carignan, 8% Petite Sirah and 6% Tannat. 2018 brought a great harvest and fruit that translated to a concentrated wine, in both color and flavor. Most of the vines making this wine possible are unirrigated bush vines planted in deep, iron-rich Koffieklip and Oakleaf soils. Grapes were hand harvested then separately fermented in open concrete vessels. Each wine matured in neutral French and American oak for one year. After blending, the final wine was further matured in the same barrels. It is a rich and luscious wine displaying black currant, cherry and plum notes. White pepper, clove and cinnamon follow-up on the wine’s bold fruit character. This wine has medium tannins and sound acidity. It’s full bodied but drinks lighter owing to blending that is never the same, but rather a reflection of the most balanced proportions of the vintage’s bounty. The name Chakalaka speaks to this art of blending. From the Zulu language, it relays a sense of “togetherness,” best emblemized by the region’s spice relish of the same name that is used to add flavor to local dishes. As such, pair this wine with flavorfully spiced dishes such as barbecue, brisket or anything featuring an element of fruit accompaniment or preserves.


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