Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1 2016


Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1 2016 from 8wines

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Cellar for up to 25 years. Decant 1 hour before serving. From Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, the Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1, a Sarah Cowe product, provides the ultimate experience for red wine enthusiasts. A slightly biased sommelier will award this medium-bodied crimson a 99 rating, but an aggregate of 140 critics gave it 93. As a trophy winner, this red wine is undoubtedly top five among the sophisticated wine series originating from Yarra Yering, the most iconic vineyard in the region. This seamless blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot certainly lives up to its hype. Vibrant notes of mild tobacco, blackberry, dried herbs, black currants, cedar, and iodine dominate the aroma of the Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1. Subtle punctuation of mineral acidity provides excellent balance in the background. It is smooth and refined with a well-blended lengthy acidic finish on the palate. The handpicked grapes are picked and blended with their proportions being 66% cabernet, 16% merlot, 15% malbec, 3% Petit Verdot. After hand-sorting, the individual batches are fermented in small fermenters, with portions of Cabernet spending prolonged periods with their skins. The individual constituents are kept in separate oak barrels for 15 months before maturation. It greatly rewards patience with quality and elegance. It goes well with beef and venison.


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