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The Batch Kettle Still was brought to Diplomaticos La Miel distillery in 1959. This semi-artisanal distillation system is originally from Canada, where it was employed for the production of American whisky. Using the best sugar cane honeys, this unique distillate is aged for 6 years in American white oak barrels, that previously served to age bourbon and scotch, resulting in a delicious medium-body and complex rum.

This system produces a complex distillate. After aging, the rum brings a very elegant and rich nose, combining aromas of vanilla with sweet and fruity notes of cherry and strawberry with a touch of banana.

Well balanced on the palate with a sweet entry, followed by hints of ripe tropical fruits. Ends with a soft, sweet and slightly cool pronounced aftertaste.

Toffee and roasted bananas, with milk chocolate, sweet cream and cinnamon toast. The toffee notes build, dominating with creamy sweetness without become too sticky.

Rich and sweet, with the banana of the nose right up front. Soft char bitterness and hints of burnt toast hide at the back, with layers of caramel sauce, stewed orchard fruit and spicy nutmeg in between.

Chocolate bananas fade to woody spice.


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