Glenmorangie – Lasanta 12 Year Old 70cl Bottle


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This rare Glenmorangie malt scotch whisky has been matured for fifteen years in casks of American white oak, from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, which have previously been used in the making of bourbon. The sherry wood finish Glenmorangie is a drink of real delight, a beautifully golden malt that has a sort of elegance about it. When you nose it, you get a complex aroma, with sweet sherry wine notes and traces of honey. Just add a touch of water and citrus fruits emerge and maybe a trace of nuts. After a few moments the nuttiness gets stronger and the scent gets sweetened with vanilla and caramel. The earlier winey notes now become more sherried, the flavour that comes through is full and creamy with subdued flavours which turn in to a light, dry finish, and there’s a long lasting after-taste which engages the whole palate. There’s a certain elegance about the sherry finish that makes it great to drink at anytime.


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