Man O’ War Sauvignon Blanc 2020


Man O’ War Sauvignon Blanc 2020 from 8wines

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Drink now or cellar for up to 4 years. Serve chilled. Man O’War winery occupies a stunning setting on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island with some 150 acres of vines planted in remote spots close to the ocean. This creates unique conditions for making wine with plenty of natural freshness and aromatics in their white wines in particular. This crisp Sauvignon Blanc is carefully selected from low yielding vines planted on hilltops which are surrounded by basalt boulders from an ancient volcanic eruption. The volcanic soils, regular ocean breezes and elevation combine to offer ideal growing places for this Sauvignon Blanc. All of the grapes are harvested by hand and gently pressed before being fermented and bottled early in the spring to ensure the wine is as crisp and fresh as possible. Sure to delight lovers of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, this charming wine is bursting with elegant notes of grapefruit, fresh herbs, and crushed gooseberries. The first sip reveals a vibrant acidity balanced by a rich, smooth texture and lingering citrus notes on the pure and clean finish. It’s a great wine to enjoy as a refreshing aperitif or to pair with grilled fish, sushi, or fresh seafood like oysters.


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