There are many uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which have been debated ad nauseum in the media and on Linkedin by all your favourite bores. But we’ve found an interesting thing to use AI for, whereby the robots are genuinely helping we humans, in a useful way: finding us the best wines, spirits and other hard-to-discover drinks.

Its 2023, and still the benefits of civilisation are not available to all. But, at least you can say this isn’t true of delicious drinks. You can find drinks here. And you can order them for delivery to the UK. So not everyone, but British people, can truly taste the benefit of many centuries of human endeavour.

Find yourself something new, or rediscover an old favourite drink.

Everything here may be ordered online for UK delivery.

Rate and review your favourites.

So Hot Right Now

It’s a heat wave in the UK… and it’s lovely and warm… which means only one thing BBQ SEASON!!! We’re seeing lots of interest in party packs and fizz, for those of you looking to cool off with a delicious drink during this spell of hot weather.

Check out our new page on 2L SUB Kegs where we’ve collected together all the greatest drinks you can get in the format.