Cuba Libre Cocktail Gift Box


Cuba Libre Cocktail Gift Box from Cocktail Crates

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This classic Cuban cocktail originated in Cuba just after the Spanish-American war…and it’s been a mainstay ever since! ¬†This consists of rum, coke and lime, and is given a modern twist here with the addition of aromatic bitters and sweet syrup.. Contents of this box:. 2 x 200ml Cola. 1 x 100ml Spiced Rum. 1 x 100ml White Rum. 1 x 60ml Rose’s Lime. 1 x 30ml Sugar cane. 1 x 10ml Bitters. Box makes 4 cocktails. Please note: We are continually updating and improving our boxed sets, and the contents is subject to change.¬† Wherever substitutes are made, the replacement will be the equivalent or better.


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