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Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set from Cocktail Crates

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Introducing the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set from Cocktail Crates!. The ultimate party starter, this boozy classic cocktail is boxed up for your drinking pleasure!. What is included in the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set?. The Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set from Cocktail Crates contains premium ingredients to create the perfect cocktail with a punch!  With five spirits contained within the box, the Long Island Iced Tea is perfect for those wanting to sample a new cocktail, or as a gift box for any cocktail lover.. Contents of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set:. 1 x 60ml Vodka ABV. 40% vol. 1 x 60ml Rum ABV. 37.5% vol. 1 x 60ml Tequila ABV. 38% vol. 1 x 60ml Orange liquor ABV. 20% vol. 2 x 200ml Premium Cola. 1 x 60ml  Lime. Box makes 4 cocktails. A brief history of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail…. Since the 1970’s, the Long Island Iced Tea has been one of the most popular cocktails around the world, on account of its high alcohol concentration and cola-infused sweet taste.  A concoction of many spirits, this cocktail is a perfect storm of tastes and character.. With a reputation for being the strongest drink on the cocktail menu, the Long Island Iced Tea is a ‘go-to’ for anyone wanting a cocktail with a punch – however somehow manages to be bright, refreshing, and easy to drink.. There are many competing stories on how the Long Island Iced Tea got its name, starting with a claim that this was invented in the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island, New York.  However, other stories claim that the drink was created in Long Island, Tennessee – some 700 miles away!. Wherever the origins of this drink, the ‘Iced Tea’ element is most certainly due to the Amber hue created with the addition of cola.. With four different spirits all thrown into this boozy cocktail, the Long Island may lack sophistication, but it oozes in potency.  Typically the Long Island Iced Tea uses Vodka, Rum, Tequila and Triple Sec as the core ingredients, but there are countless varieties of this versatile drink, with practically any spirit able to find a home in a pitcher of this cocktail.   Just check out the Blue Island Iced Tea for a refreshing alternative that switches the cola for crisp lemonade!. Frequently asked questions:. How do I make the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail:. The Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set contains an instruction card which provides step-by-step guidance on how to make this classic cocktail. We do the hard work by simplifying the process, ensuring that even cocktail rookies are able to create a Long Island Iced Tea that would’t be out of place at a high end cocktail bar!. How is the box packaged?. The Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail ingredients are individually packed inside a beautiful branded gift box, with a black laminated finish, and concealed magnetic snap-shut front clasp closure.  To ensure this arrives to you in perfect condition, all Cocktail Crates are wrapped in a recycled bubble wrap bag, and placed in a double walled postal box that can be discarded once your parcel arrives safely.. What is it like to receive a Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Box?. Unboxing a Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set is a special experience – lifting the lid of this beautifully presented box will reveal luxurious ingredients and a unique Cocktail Crates instruction card, hand-packed with premium gift paper.. What is the shelf life of this product?. The Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set has a shelf life of at least 3 months from the point of order.. Who would enjoy the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Kit Gift Set?. This cocktail box would be prefect for anyone who loves a potent drink with blends of multiple spirits from around the world.  The Long Island Iced Tea cocktail gift box would make a great gift for anyone who wants to sample this amber classic, or for anyone who wants to have a special drink in the cupboard for a rainy day.. Do you offer the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail in any other packages?. Yes we do – for customers seeking an extra indulgent experience, we offer a premium Charcuterie box, which combines the Long Island Iced Tea with carefully curated meats, cheese and savouries.  Check out the charcuterie box below…. Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail and Charcuterie Gift Box. Are there any alternatives to the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set?. Long Island Iced Tea connoisseurs know that the sprits can be easily changed whilst still maintaining the essence of this classic cocktail.  However, for those who are particularly adventurous, we offer a number of alternatives – check them out below…. Blue Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Box. Cuba Libre Cocktail Gift Box. How strong is the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail?. This cocktail is as strong as they come, on account of the multiple spirits that are combined to give the unique flavour profile.  Whilst the alcohol content is high, the drinker can choose the amount of cola added to the drink, meaning that you can adjust the taste to match your own palette.. Is the Long Island Iced Tea a popular cocktail?. Yes indeed – this cocktail is one of our Top 10 best selling cocktails, and is a firm fan favourite.  It may not be the most sophisticated cocktail, but it certainly is one of the tastiest.. Do I need any equipment to make the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail?. Every cocktail is unique, and requires different ingredients and equipment to successfully create the finished result, and the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is no exception.  Thankfully, this is one of the easier cocktails to make, and requires just a shaker and ice to smash the ingredients together, and a highball glass to serve – everything else is contained within your Long Island Iced Tea cocktail kit.. Is the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set included in the Cocktail Crates Subscription Plan?. Yes the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Set is included in the subscription plan, alongside all other cocktails in the full range.  Find out how to join the Cocktail Club here!. What our our customers say:. “Long Island Iced Tea is my favourite drink – can’t wait to use when I invite friends over”. “I almost don’t want to use this because it looks so nice. I’m sure I will though.”. “There is a lot of alcohol in each cocktail – you could do half measures and have double the amount of drinks.”. “I love trying new cocktails, and this is a perfect way to try them at home”. “I bought this for my mother as she likes a strong cocktail and the Long Island Iced Tea is the strongest! Presented very well, and is a fantastic gift idea.”. “Perfect gift for my cocktail crazy daughter. She absolutely loved it.”. “I adore a Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail, so this gift set was perfect for me!”. “Bought this Long Island cocktail kit for my friend as she enjoys a good stiff drink!”. Please note: We are continually updating and improving our boxed sets, and the contents is subject to change.  Wherever substitutes are made, the replacement will be the equivalent or better.


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